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Thank you Jimmy Fallon

10 Feb



Jimmy Fallon will soon be taking over on The Tonight Show.  I can’t wait to tune in!  And can you guess what my favorite thing about Jimmy Fallon is?  The fact that he writes thank you notes, of course!  I love Thank You Note Friday and that he writes handwritten thank you notes.  Has he inspired you to write  a handwritten thank you note?

Looking forward to seeing him on The Tonight Show!



The Importance of Thank You Notes

3 Apr

Our post today is about something that’s really important to me … thank you notes.

I was fortunate enough to have been raised by a mother who instilled the importance of writing a thank you note.  It seems natural to me to break out my stash of stationery anytime I receive a gift or am the beneficiary of a sweet gesture.  I am often told by friends that they can’t compete with my promptness and deep down my inner Emily Post is smiling.

I never realized the impact a handwritten thank you note had until my adult years.  I started to receive feedback from people that wasn’t expected but reinforced my belief of how important it is.  Some examples that have stuck with me:

  • After a TV segment I wrote a thank you note and the producer said she was pleasantly surprised and thrilled to receive a handwritten note.  I have worked with her now for over 10 years.
  • An interview went well and I promptly wrote a thank you letter.  I was offered the position and was told that my thank you letter sealed the deal.
  • I participated in a breast cancer walk and hand wrote thank you notes to everyone who donated money to my walk.  I was pleasantly surprised to see my thank you notes hung up at the businesses that donated and at friends homes.

There are even more examples, but these are a few that really show the impact they have.  When someone takes the time to buy you a gift, have you at their home, donate to your cause, etc.; the least you can do to show your appreciation is to take a few moments of your time to hand write a few words of appreciation.  Your message will especially stand out in the age of email, text and instant messages.




Thank You’s: Handwritten or Email?

11 Feb

Last week on Facebook we asked the following:Facebook The response was overwhelming and probably one of the most popular posts we ever posted.  I think there’s a simple reason why it struck a chord with so many of you.  We live in an era where people receive their messages in texts, their news in blurbs and everything else is digital.  While this can be great for making plans, finding someone you’re meeting or for a quick connect, this is still not the case when thanking someone.

To open the mailbox (no, not your “Inbox”!), it’s always a pleasant surprise to receive a handwritten thank you note.  Have a difficult time remembering?  Why not stock up on stationery and stamps and keep them in a drawer so it makes it easy to write a quick note while watching your favorite show at night?

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