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Thank You’s: Handwritten or Email?

11 Feb

Last week on Facebook we asked the following:Facebook The response was overwhelming and probably one of the most popular posts we ever posted.  I think there’s a simple reason why it struck a chord with so many of you.  We live in an era where people receive their messages in texts, their news in blurbs and everything else is digital.  While this can be great for making plans, finding someone you’re meeting or for a quick connect, this is still not the case when thanking someone.

To open the mailbox (no, not your “Inbox”!), it’s always a pleasant surprise to receive a handwritten thank you note.  Have a difficult time remembering?  Why not stock up on stationery and stamps and keep them in a drawer so it makes it easy to write a quick note while watching your favorite show at night?

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The Stationery Studio Wins Trendy Online Stationer of the Year

1 May

Renee Redman, TheStationeryStudio.com Wins Industry's Highest Honor from Stationery Trends Magazine.

This Just In!  We’re proud to announce that the owner of The Stationery Studio, Renee Redman, was recently awarded Stationery Trends Magazine’s highest honor: Trendy Online Stationer of the Year.

TheStationeryStudio.com started in a living room 18 years ago and has grown into a premier website with more than 10,000 unique visitors a day and a reputation for excellence.

One of the greatest honors is when members of your industry recognize your hard work, dedication and contributions,” Redman said.

The Trendy Stationer and Trendy Online Stationer of the Year are sponsored and managed by Stationery Trends, the resource for greeting cards, gifts and all things stationery.

Says Renee: “We truly enjoy showcasing and promoting custom personalized stationery and gifts.  We believe in this industry and the business of gracious living. Sending beautiful thank you notes, giving thoughtful personalized presents, and entertaining in style shows an appreciation for all things lovely and is the basis for the success of our business.  This award is a symbol of what it truly means to ‘dare to dream’ “.

For more information about The Stationery Studio, click here.