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The importance of Trackable Shipping

5 Dec

At The Stationery Studio customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.  With the holiday season in full swing, it’s more important than ever.  We are proud that 99% of the items we carry are trackable through UPS or FedEx.  We recently had a customer share her experience with us about the importance of shipping.  We thought we would share with our blog readers as we couldn’t be happier to make her gift buying as easy as possible!


“Please pass on to the decision makers in your company my deepfelt gratitude for the fact that Stationery Studio continues to put their customers first. I do the majority of my shopping online and this holiday season, I have noted that many merchants are no longer using traditional UPS and FedEx to ship but are rather using a joint venture service between Mail Innovations. Smart Mail, or Smart Post and the USPS. I am sure that the change was made to be able to lure customers by promises of ‘free shipping” but I can assure you that these joint ventures between UPS and USPS and DHL and USPS is not only deplorably slow but impossible for the consumer to locate their package. When you attempt to locate your package UPS tells you to contact the USPS because they only “handed off the package to USPS” and when you contact USPS they tell you that they are unable to track because these handoffs are transferred in massive volume at postal hub centers. I have even spoken with my Postmaster and she advised me that USPS finds the service nightmarish because the frustrated consumers such as myself place the blame on them for the late deliveries. I have been a longtime and very satisfied customer of Stationery Studio and this is not only because of the quality products you offer but also because of the exceptional customer service(including shipping methods) that you offer. Thank You !!” Liz B

Thank you, Liz, for sharing your comments. We value your feedback!

Happy Holidays!