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Stay on the Nice List!

16 Dec

This holiday season, try to stay on the nice list by promptly writing your thank you notes for all the gifts you receive.  In the era of everything digital, a hand written thank you note really makes an impression!  The Stationery Studio has oodles to pick from, but here are a few of my favorites.  Stock up on personalized thank you notes now so you have them beyond the holidays as they can be used for any moment a thank you note is appropriate.




Happy Holidays!



The Stationery Studio named Boatman Geller 2013 Retailer of Distinction!

1 Mar

Everyone at The Stationery Studio is thrilled that we’ve been named the Boatman Geller 2013 Retailer of Distinction!  TheStationeryStudio.com offers a beautiful selection of Boatman Geller products that our customers (and we) absolutely love.  Boatman-Geller-2013-Retailer-of-Distinction

Check out their selection of beautiful products for yourself!