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So Many Uses for Stampers!

30 Nov

I was talking to someone at work the other day about how much I love my self-inking stampers and how I use them for practically everything.  I am a busy Mom of three kids, so I am always looking for ways to multi-task.  I wanted to share my favorite stampers with you and the ways I use them to make every day life easier for anyone who’s crunched on time.


I currently own two self-inking stampers from The Stationery Studio.  My everyday stamper is the Big Zip Family Address Self-Inking Stamper.  This is the stamper that gets all the kudos! I use this for everyday correspondence.  But seeing that I am always sending in notes for school and sports, I started realizing this stamp is really a lifesaver.  Here are some other creative uses for your stamper:

  • When sending in money for field trips for school, simply stamp the envelope – no need for writing your kids name!
  • When giving holiday tips, use the stamper on the envelope.  If the person wants to write a thank you note, they already have your address.
  • When turning in money for group sports activities, the stamper makes it easy to see who it’s from.
  • You can instantly make bag tags for luggage, backpacks, etc by stamping and laminating your own.
  • Stamp the inside of your books.  This way, if you lend them out, they know who to return them to.

Those are just a few ideas.  I am sure you can think of more.


My other favorite self-inking stamper is the Hanging Ornaments Self-Inking Stamper.  When sending my holiday cards and packages, I always use this stamper.  There’s something exciting about getting a holiday card in the mail with the festive stamp on it.  It adds so much!

What uses do you have for your stampers?  Share them in the comments below.  I would love to hear your ideas!






Wedding Inspiration: Go Overbaord with Nautical

13 Nov


This week’s wedding inspiration is all about Nautical!  Whether you’re getting married on a boat or on the shore, a nautical wedding is a really fun theme perfect for Spring and Summer.  How about you sail away after you say your “I do’s”?  Or dig your toes into the sand with a beachfront wedding and a boat ride for the guests?  Get inspired with our nautical board for your wedding:

Nautical Stripe Border Personalized Placecards, Anchors Aweigh Die-Cut Invitations, Nautical Twisted Handled Bags, Navy Nautical Knot Wine Tags, Red and Blue stripe Caspari Napkins, Personalized Navy Trimmed Weekender, Anchor Flat Note Cards, Personalized Anchor Wheel Board, Welcome Aboard Wheel Guest Towels, Navy Anchors Return Address Labels

Other image sources:

Table Centerpiece:


Bride and Groom on Dock:


Bride and Bridesmaids on dock:

Paddle board signs:

Life Preserver:


Making Thanksgiving Easier

9 Nov

nov-thanksgiving-001Anyone thinking about their Thanksgiving menu or how their table will look yet? I know that I certainly am.  There are so many great looking recipes I keep getting from blogs and emails I subscribe to.  All the pretty table settings and serve ware that I see makes me want to set the perfect table.  I am actually, pretty excited that I purchased a cast iron pumpkin-shaped dutch oven a couple weeks ago which I plan on serving butternut squash soup in as an appetizer.  I’ve been drooling over that pretty pumpkin for a few years.  It’s all the small things, right?

So, a friend suggested that I carve out baby pumpkins and using them to serve the soup in.  And I totally did consider that … the little pumpkins would look so festive on an elegant tray, wouldn’t they?  But I thought again – that’s a lot of work to clean out all those pumpkins!  Instead, I plan to order some personalized disposable cups which should be cute too and much easier.

nov-thanksgiving-002As much as I want to use my pretty china plates and engraved wine glasses for appetizers and drinks, I’m thinking twice.  There would be so many extra dishes and glasses to wash.  Instead, I’m going to be using some great personalized cocktail napkins for the appetizers (and desserts too).  And some cute and fun plastic glasses, personalized of course, for my Fall Sangria and other drinks.  And I plan to use the disposable monogrammed plates too, which will be perfect as they are themed and sophisticated.

nov-thanksgiving-003As far as drinks, I’m going to make a Fall Sangria and serve it in a carved out pumpkin and for that I’ll be using my personalized plastic glasses which will be perfect.  This way, the nice glasses will just be at the dinner table.  And I’ll look for some little chocolates with Thankgiving decorations on them and pick out a pretty favor box for everyone to place at their seat.

I’m so excited for a great Thanksgiving this year.  I’m planning on trying some new appetizers (squash ravioli in a butternut marinara) and some classics that everyone loves and, shall I say, everyone expects!  The year has gone by so fast that I hardly can believe I’m even talking about the holiday season but, yet, here we are.   It will all be beautiful and fun to get together with family and friends.  And with a few strategic additions, the clean up will be a breeze.

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving with you and your family and friends this year!