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Trendspotting: Foil-Pressed Stationery

9 Apr

foil-animated-blog-001Who doesn’t love new stationery?  Looking for a special pop of gold on your note cards?  This week we are sharing with you one of our favorite new trends: Foil-pressed stationery.  Foil accents on printed paper has emerged hotter than ever this season.  It’s everywhere and we are definitely a fan.

Our exclusive elegant foil-pressed stationery is right on-trend.  When it comes to foiled stationery, you can select from anything from a large fun design like “xoxo” or “cheers”  to a simple little unexpected touch of shimmer such as a little scroll or a modest geometric design.  No matter if you prefer the bold or the understated, it’s a sure fire way to add instant elegance.

To create the look, printers utilize a metal plate that has the desired impression. Heat and pressure is added to literally press the foil into the paper stock creating a beautiful imprint.  There is a great amount of skill and care needed to create a crisp beautiful impression. Foil adds a touch of luxe and shimmer you will love.  Whether you select foil pressed on white stock, navy stock, purple or pink stock, the “must have” look is yours to create and enjoy.

The finished product, with foil accents, creates an air of sophistication but yet is appropriate for everything from everyday correspondence to the most special thank you notes. Custom foil stamped stationery provides the extra special touch and adds brilliance to your note writing.  Treat yourself to foil-pressed stationery today or pick up a box for a special Mother’s Day gift or a shimmering personalized Christmas gift.  Our designs combine the perfect amount of shine with timeless designs that are simply letter perfect.

Tell us what new looks inspire you!

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A Correspondence Card is a “must have”

11 Mar

march-notecards-004 If you were to ask me the most important type of stationery to gift someone, I’d certainly say that a correspondence card is a must-have and one of the most important elements in a stationery wardrobe.  Tailored, stylish, and always appropriate, these are flat note cards that normally feature a well-appointed name and are a classic take on stationery. It’s easy to make an impression when you send a personalized correspondence card. The etiquette of sending a personal correspondence card can become second nature and is a way to express your thoughts in a quick and meaningful manner.

Surely everyone has their own style but the one constant for a correspondence card is that it should not be too large, too decorative, or too flashy.  From the socialite in Palm Beach sending a gracious thank you note for a perfect evening to the new graduate writing a note of thanks after a job interview, a correspondence card note card is an absolute must for making a proper statement.march-notecards-002

Select the card style based on the user’s personality and how they will utilize the cards.  There might be just a name appearing in a classical typestyle at the top center or top left corner of the card.  And some correspondence cards also offer a bottom line of text for an email address, phone number or other information.  A skillfully written note on a professional correspondence card is the perfect follow-up to a job interview or a thank you after a dinner party.  It’s also a way to show your gratefulness for many situations with a sophisticated touch.

march-notecards-005Whether the note is social or business, a correspondence card is always appropriate.   Correspondence cards are an often elegant yet simple flat note card featuring a classic look.  The choice of white or ecru stock is completely personal preference (either is very appropriate) and you may even see some colored stocks from such lines as the sophisticated Crane & Co.  which creates elegant cards.

For the imprint, either a full name or monogram is most common.  For ink color, the selection made is completely one of personal preference; however, the most standard and popular ink colors are navy and black.  Today, there are many other ink colors used that are perfectly appropriate and popular too such as cranberry, gold, chocolate or purple.

Help to solidify existing relationships and build new ones with the use of a well written correspondence card.  Remember to send a handwritten note as a congratulations to family and friends for achievements they have made, as a thank you note for a thoughtful holiday gift, as a thanks to a neighbor or friend for helping you by watching your children, perhaps picking up something from the store for you or taking you out to lunch.  A nicely written thank you to someone who went above and beyond in any way is always appreciated.

Whether it’s just for purposes of good manners or if the note is for the benefit of a business, taking the time to send a written note is a smart practice.  And it’s something that won’t go out of style anytime soon.







The Preppy Desktop

4 Sep



At The Stationery Studio, we’re always inspired by what our customers love.  So much so, that we added a new boutique called “The Preppy Desktop” to make it easier to find the preppy look you love.  Beautiful stationery and accessories from designers like Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade are part of our Preppy Desktop collection.  Stop by this new boutique to get your preppy fix!