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See Our New Line: Pickett’s Press

20 Feb

feb-pickettsPress-002We are thrilled to introduce Pickett’s Press, a wonderful line of personalized stationery, gift stickers, gift enclosures, invitations and more.  We love the pretty styles, designs, colors and uniqueness of this intrinsically sweet and charming line.  Initially, we are offering the Pickett’s Press digitally printed options but in the coming months we will be adding a selection of more invitations and exceptional engraved products.

Designer Kate Pickett says she creates designs for the modern woman who appreciates chic and fabulous design work. She explains, “We offer the oldest printing methods steeped in tradition and elegance.  Our products have a dedicated following and our customers expect and appreciate our unique artwork and fabulous quality.”  Her discerning clientele trusts her recommendations and designs.  Kate has a true love for illustration which resonates with a modern audience.

Her motifs and designs reflect an updated style combined with a modern printing technique which makes her items accessible to many budgets.  All the art is drawn by hand, with pen and ink, hand-rendered and personalized.  There are no tablets or computer programs in her studio, regardless of printing method, which is a unique process. Her designs provide elegant yet simple artwork featuring the true sophistication of the brand.

Kate was classically trained at the Student Art League of New York, and in private classes with the founder of the Children’s Art League of New York.  At a young age, her work was recognized for it’s commercial appeal when she was commissioned to create designs for the American Folk art museum gift shop.  She continued studying Studio Art at Harvard, as a minor with Art History as her major.  Her background gives her unique insight into both traditional etiquette and artistic style.

Putting herself through Harvard College business school gave her an understanding that good taste should fit any budget and that style is not limited to affluence. As a working mother of three young children, she understands that there are appropriate times for exquisite engraving, and times for digital printing.

Take a look at some of the gorgeous designs in our Pickett’s Press product line and look for more to come!





National Handwriting Day

23 Jan


Today we celebrate National Handwriting Day.  The lost art, or so it seems, as we type on keyboards and text on our smartphones to communicate.  My grocery lists are now on my iPhone and my conversations are mainly in text and email.  Yet there is something more personal when a note is handwritten.  I think now more than ever, handwritten notes stand out since so few people write them anymore.  Who doesn’t like to open their mailbox and receive a handwritten letter?  Or think back to when you were in school and friends passed notes in class.  So much more exciting than getting a text!

To celebrate, why not write a long lost friend a note letting them know you are thinking of them?  Or jot a quick note to pack  in your kids lunch?

Do you still write handwritten letters?  Let us know if you do and if you feel the art is lost or making a comeback in this modern age of technology.

Happy writing!




Love Letters

19 Jan


Floral Swag Foldover Note Cards Floating Hearts Foil-Pressed Foldover Note Cards with Lined Envelopes Love Struck Stationery in Acrylic Holder

February is the month of love and a perfect time to write more love notes! You can really make someone’s day with a few simple sentences expressing your feelings. And for the perfect canvas, pick up a great box of personalized stationery. Whether you are writing a little note to your husband, boyfriend, your son or daughter or your best friend, it’s really easier than you think. And they’ll love to save them and re-read them over the years. It’s not about perfection in letter writing, it’s about sharing a feeling, a memory, a dream.

So what that many others are writing electronically. Those come and go. Putting pen to paper is long lasting. It’s really ok to write a real note! You can mail it or give it in person, leave it on a desk in a place they will find it, pack it in a lunch, or pop it in the refrigerator so they will see it in the morning. No matter what you say, you won’t go wrong. It can be long or short, funny or serious, romantic or casual. What’s most important is that it is in your own words and it sounds like you. Be yourself!

February is a wonderful time to reconnect after the holidays. Plan a special dinner date, a lunch or a breakfast. Enjoy the company of those you love and those you want to get to know better. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to get planning, and it’s time to get writing! Maybe give your special love a box of stationery so they can write you back!

Happy love letter writing to you!

Best wishes,