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Peyton Manning Would Agree

30 May

I thought today’s blog post could focus on something that really means something to me … handwritten thank you letters.  Of course, that would seem almost absurd for me not to say that considering that I work for The Stationery Studio.  However, it is true.  I love sending and receiving handwritten thank you letters and notes.  It seems that four-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning feels the same way I do.

I came across an article yesterday in the Los Angeles Times about Bronco’s Quarterback Peyton Manning and how he has, throughout his career, been sending handwritten thank you letters and notes to other players.  He even went on to say that while he was being recruited to play in college, the first thing he looked for was handwritten notes versus form letters and how that impacted his decision.  That’s pretty powerful.

I admire Peyton Manning for discussing his love for handwritten letters and thank you notes as most people probably wouldn’t think of a football player taking pen to paper unless it involved a contract.  Manning credited his mother for instilling the importance of handwritten gratitude.  That’s an important lesson for children (and adults) to remember when taking a moment to thank someone.

I have to admit that I really don’t know much about Peyton Manning, but it impressed me immensely that an all star NFL player respects the art of a handwritten letter.




A Peek Inside The Stationery Studio

7 May

Have you ever wondered what it looks like “inside” The Stationery Studio?  So did writer David Wolinksy.  He recently featured in his INC.WELL column that features Chicago businesses.  We thought we’d share the pictures with our fans!





The Stationery Studio named Boatman Geller 2013 Retailer of Distinction!

1 Mar

Everyone at The Stationery Studio is thrilled that we’ve been named the Boatman Geller 2013 Retailer of Distinction! offers a beautiful selection of Boatman Geller products that our customers (and we) absolutely love.  Boatman-Geller-2013-Retailer-of-Distinction

Check out their selection of beautiful products for yourself!