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How many invitations should I order?

12 Jul

One of the most important details when ordering an invitation is to ensure that you order enough at the start.  How can you be sure you order enough?  That’s easy…

Whether it’s an Anniversary Party or a Rehearsal dinner, a baby shower or a bridal shower, before you order, we strongly encourage that you prepare an exact guest list. Ordering the correct number of invitations initially (plus a few extras just in case) makes good sense for many reasons.  It will add extra cost and time if you have to reorder a small number later on.

Determining the number of invitations you need for a party is easy but there are a few details that deserve a reminder.  Remember not to order the same number of invitations as the number of guests on your guest list.  Married couples get just one invitation.  Families with young children that are also invited also just get one invitation.  Young adults aged 18 or older (even if they are still living at home) get their own invitation.  And all single adults (or adults with a guest) just get one invitation.

Be sure to order some extra invitations as many people find that they remember additional last minutes guests.  Also, sometimes envelopes are incorrectly addressed and there is a need for a new one.  And it’s a nice touch to frame an invitation when it’s for an important event or to place it into a memory book.

Once the invitations are addressed and ready to mail, take your completed invitations to a U.S. post office so they can weigh and measure the stuffed invitations to ensure proper postage.  Some over-sized invitations or square invitations may require additional charges.  While you are there, select an attractive coordinating stamp.  If it’s a holiday party you may want a Christmas stamp.  If it’s a rehearsal dinner you may want a love stamp.

Finally, remember to check and double-check the details to be printed on your invitations before ordering.  Carefully review the spelling of the venue, the party day/date, the address, the time, the spelling of all host’s names,  the Rsvp phone number and/or email address and any other critical elements.  These details all must be absolutely correct when ordering!  Once the invitations are mailed, keep careful track of the replies and start finalizing party details such as placecards, printed napkins, favor bags and bar accessories, to name a few.

Make a Statement with Personalized Napkins from

18 Jul

Make A Statement At Your Next Party With Personalized Napkins From

Starting up a conversation at a cocktail party or wedding reception can often be as simple as discussing the decor.  Design-Your-Own personalized napkins are a great way to get the party chatter started.  We’ve given you some ideas for some fun, creative sayings.  Click HERE to get started and create your own.

Congratulations Graduates!

3 May


TheStationeryStudio Etiquitte Expert, Sue Fox, provides these tips for How to Throw a Graduation Party with style:

Invitations & Announcements

Graduation ceremony invitations and announcements are normally given out by the school, which means immediate families are normally the only ones that are able to attend. Parents usually plan a party or afternoon reception after the graduation ceremony. It can be elaborate or simple, and depending on the nature of the party, invitations can be printed and customized.

Again, the larger and more formal the party, the better it is to issue a written or printed traditional invitation.  On the other hand, if the celebration is a backyard barbecue for family and a few neighbors and close friends, you may decide to send a themed invite that shows the casual but fun nature of the event.  Often, graduates spend time at their own party, and late in the day begin circulating among their friends’ houses to greet them and visit their graduation parties as well.

Parents often mail out announcements of a child’s graduation, especially to out-of-town friends. (This announcement differs from an invitation to attend a graduation ceremony or reception.) The announcement should be mailed two weeks prior to graduation.

To Give, or Not to Give?

If you receive a number of graduation announcements from various friends, does this mean you’re obliged to give everyone a gift? Not at all, you are not obligated to attend or send a gift.  Actually, a note of congratulations or a graduation card is all that etiquette requires. Of course, you’d most likely want to send a small gift or gift card if it is a family member. Remember, announcements do not equal invitations. You are not obligated to give a gift, although you may choose to do so.  Remember, if you’re invited to the ceremony or are attending the party, send or bring a gift.

Gifts That Are Appropriate

Gifts are de rigeur at a graduation party. Even if you are unable to attend the party, as a close friend or relative, it’s thoughtful to send a gift to the graduate.  Students going off to college could always use items for their dorm rooms, baskets of toiletries, such as soap, toothpaste and towelsor towel wraps. Though, recent surveys show that most Americans who will buy for graduates will fill envelopes with cash or gift cards. Depending on your preference and price range, other welcome gifts might include the following:

* A book

* A diary or journal

* An electronic device such as iPod, iphone, etc. in a personalized tech skin

* Personalized stationary or note cards

* Pair of tickets to a sporting event, rock concert, or play

If the graduate is someone you have a close relationship with and you feel you can splurge on something more expensive such as jewelry, a computer, or a paid vacation, go for it!  But, just keep in mind that for all gift-giving situations, you should always spend what makes you feel comfortable.  If you’d like to spend less, possibly check with a friend or family member and share the cost of a gift.  And, don’t plan on handing a wrapped present to the graduate at the ceremony — it would only get lost in the confusion. Send your gift to the graduate’s home or if the party is at the parents’ home, bring it with you.

Thank you Notes

Finally, remember to remind your graduate to write their thank you notes!