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How many invitations should I order?

12 Jul

One of the most important details when ordering an invitation is to ensure that you order enough at the start.  How can you be sure you order enough?  That’s easy…

Whether it’s an Anniversary Party or a Rehearsal dinner, a baby shower or a bridal shower, before you order, we strongly encourage that you prepare an exact guest list. Ordering the correct number of invitations initially (plus a few extras just in case) makes good sense for many reasons.  It will add extra cost and time if you have to reorder a small number later on.

Determining the number of invitations you need for a party is easy but there are a few details that deserve a reminder.  Remember not to order the same number of invitations as the number of guests on your guest list.  Married couples get just one invitation.  Families with young children that are also invited also just get one invitation.  Young adults aged 18 or older (even if they are still living at home) get their own invitation.  And all single adults (or adults with a guest) just get one invitation.

Be sure to order some extra invitations as many people find that they remember additional last minutes guests.  Also, sometimes envelopes are incorrectly addressed and there is a need for a new one.  And it’s a nice touch to frame an invitation when it’s for an important event or to place it into a memory book.

Once the invitations are addressed and ready to mail, take your completed invitations to a U.S. post office so they can weigh and measure the stuffed invitations to ensure proper postage.  Some over-sized invitations or square invitations may require additional charges.  While you are there, select an attractive coordinating stamp.  If it’s a holiday party you may want a Christmas stamp.  If it’s a rehearsal dinner you may want a love stamp.

Finally, remember to check and double-check the details to be printed on your invitations before ordering.  Carefully review the spelling of the venue, the party day/date, the address, the time, the spelling of all host’s names,  the Rsvp phone number and/or email address and any other critical elements.  These details all must be absolutely correct when ordering!  Once the invitations are mailed, keep careful track of the replies and start finalizing party details such as placecards, printed napkins, favor bags and bar accessories, to name a few.

Inside the Studio: Personalized Gift Bags and Treat Bags are Everywhere!

29 Jun

Keep Calm and Party On with Personalized Party Bags

This week it appears that an enormous party has hit our offices.  Our graphics team’s desks have been loaded with party treat bags, favor bags,  lunch bags, petite shopping bags, large gift bags and extra large personalized shopping totes.  We are staying calm but with hundreds of Personalized Party Bags everywhere, we are thinking up many new ways to party on!  We have been adding images to the site of fabulous new totes and bags and having more fun than you can imagine creating adorable imprint options with our new bag sizes and colors!

Personalized gift bags and custom small printed treat bags make the perfect gifting presentation.  They are durable, substantial and makes gifting easy!  Stash and carry your party favors easily.  Package your hostess gifts and your wedding out-of-towner bags in style.  From graduation gifts to birthdays, from Halloween treat bags to bridal showers, from weddings to all those gifts in-between, our personalized bags are ideal. Simply create and design your own bags to reflect your style and add a personal touch to all your gift giving and party giving needs.

You can preview what your final product will look like before ordering and have a chance to play with colors and designs to get a perfect look.  Create a basic gift bag for your family with an imprint like “Just for You from Susan and Jim” and you can use it for all your gifts.  From birthdays to anniversaries to holiday time, it makes wrapping gifts so much easier and actually is more cost-efficient than buying a gift bag each time you need one.   We have a perfect size bag options and since the bags are personalized, we save on all those greeting cards (double bonus!).

Our printed bags come in two sizes.  The small printed paper bags size is great for party goodie bags and the medium paper bags are perfect for treats or lunches.

If you are looking for a small handled bag, we now offer the new Petite Twisted Handle Gift Bags which perfectly hold jewelry, a gift certificate, gift card or small present with ease.

We also have the Design Your Own Twisted Handled Gift Bags which are 8″ x 10″ x 5″ and for a large shopper size we have the Kraft Vogue Shopping Bags which are a generous 16″ x 6″ x 12″ in size.

If you are looking for a unique material, try our Frosted Bags with wonderful designs and imprint options.  From our Mini Vinyl Shopping Bags  at 4″x3″x6″ to  our medium Cub Sized Vinyl Shopping Bags at 8″x5″x10″, there is a size that will be perfect for your gifting needs.

Our very roomy Vinyl Vogue Shopping Bag are 16″ x 6″ x 12″ in size and are great for a larger gift item.

So enjoy.  Personalize it.  And Party on!

Inside the Studio – Our Staff’s Current Obsessions

22 Jun

One might think that after 15 years of selling personalized gifts, our enthusiasm for new products would, let’s say, wane. But, much to our amazement, that’s never the case.  We are completely obsessed by all things personalized each and ever day.  Whether we’re reviewing a new product line, implementing virtual proofing for a new product or helping a customer on the phone, we see some special products, and we become obsessed!

Just like you, we simply love what we love. From the simply “oh so pretty” things to the gifts that impress.  From time to time, we will be sharing our own staff’s most current obsessions with you.  Although we are surrounded with personalized products each and every day (our offices are filled with personalized creations)  these are some of our staff’s “stand-outs of the moment”.  So, here, in the words of our team members, are our current faves!

I love the personalized playing cards. I play a lot of bridge and other card games with friends and everyone comments on me set of Personalized Playing Cards and wants to know where I got them. Also, my “go to” gift item is the Family Pride List Sheets.  Any time I need a “thank you” they fit the bill. Anything personalized lets your friends know that you have gone that “extra mile” to get them a special gift. - Sandy

I LOVE….I LOVE CUPCAKES! And we have so many cute cupcake items like our Cupcake Boxes, our Holly Cupcake Melamine Platter, and our Let Them Eat Cake Foldover Note Cards by Lilly Pulitzer, so adorable. Cupcakes are just the “perfect” make yourself happy treat! - Diane

My current favorite is our Classic White Note Cards.  The combination of the clean, modern typesetting and the colorful, fun liners make this a truly unique card.  I also like the Vintage Pop Note Card. Besides being a fun, bright design, I love that I can coordinate so many other items with it.! - Rob

I love that I can have all of my technology beautifully coordinated and protected with personalized skins, cases, sleeves and cases.  My iPhone case has a choice of a hard case or a tough case. Tough cases are new on our site and they are great.  For my iPad, I can use a matching Tech Skin to decorate it beautifully.  And my fully adorned iPad can then be placed in a matching personalized iPad Sleeve!  My computer also has a matching tech skin and I carry it in my personalized matching Laptop Case! – Joan

My family is currently obsessed with the Tervis Collegiate Water Bottles. They are our gift of the moment for our son’s friends who are graduating high school and leaving soon for college! - Renee G.