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We Hear You!

2 Mar

feb2015-weHearYou-3Perhaps you’ve noticed?  After an order is placed, a quick online survey is available for you to take and submit your comments.  But did you realize that we really read each and every comment every week?  We care about your answers and, in fact, many of the suggestions we have received have actually been implemented.

Everyone has a different experience when they place an online order – on any website.  For our website, since we offer thousands of items with many options for each product, the ability to customize creates a unique shopping experience depending on the choices made and the manner in which one navigates.

We love to hear your personal experiences and we truly are dedicated to understanding the positives and negatives.  Of course, we want everyone’s experience to be as positive as possible so we are always working on achieving the easiest and most positive work flow at all times.

Some of the questions we ask on the survey include:

How our website experience compares to other websites you might have visited. How ofter you visit our website and how you heard about us?  How you would rank your visit to our website?  How easy it was to find the items you were looking for?   Did you encounter any problems ordering?  And what you would recommend we improve or change?

We get many replies every week and some offer very specific suggestions and comments.  We review each of these comments with our Process Improvement Committee and refer back to the order the client placed to truly understand what was ordered and how the comment or suggestion came about.  Some of the customer suggested changes we have recently implemented was to add more Online Previews to our products and also adding creating a Studio Rewards program as we saw many comments from regular customers who wanted to participate in a rewards program to reward their loyalty.

So, in other words, We Hear You! And we want to hear more from you!  Always feel free to send us a note through our Contact Us section on our website and either I or one of our caring customer service staff members will gladly reach out to you to see how we can be of service.

Best wishes,


Personalized Books for All Ages

23 Feb

Who doesn’t love seeing their name in print?  A personalized book is that perfect gift that will be enjoyed as a special keepsake.  We have personalized books that would be absolutely perfect for anyone on your list, from toddler to grandparent.

For the young child, a thoughtful present is a kids story book in which they are the star.  They will look forward to hearing this story over and over again.  Our new collection of soft cover story books offer unique personalized stories for all ages.  These books are in full color are beautifully made and bound.  Each is a journey of discovery where the child’s name appears within both the story and images.

feb2015-books-kidsWe especially love the Big Brothers are Great and the Big Sisters are Great books as they are special stories and give the older child a little extra attention when the new baby arrives.  In The Magical Bookcase Story Book the child’s name is featured as everyday he or she goes to visit somewhere new.  They will explore and learn about many interesting locations such as fishing in Alaska on Monday and seeing the hippos and mud baths in Africa on Thursday.  In Your Personalized Letter to Santa and the Tooth Fairy Story, there are many hours of joy to come.

Our Personalized Once Upon a Time Fairy Tales is a beautiful book designed as a premium gift, bound in a luxurious purple hard cover, embossed with gold foil. Each story throughout this collection has been illustrated in a variety of artistic styles. We include your child’s name within each of these and have left the stories themselves in their traditional forms; keeping their authenticity while also creating a truly unique and authentic collection of fairy tales. With a foreword that provides history of the stories themselves this book can be treasured long after the tales have been outgrown.  You can add an optional inscription to the child on title page of the book.

An ideal commemorative gift favorite is our Washington Post and LA Times reproductions in a bound elegant 12.5″ x 15″ burgundy hard cover book keepsake gift.  A favorite gift we love for special birthdays is the Personalized Washington Post Birthday Edition Book and the Personalized Los Angeles Times Birthday Edition Book.  It’s the perfect gift for anyone who’s ever wondered what was making the headlines on each and every one of their birthdays.

These elegantly bound books are personalized with the recipient’s name and the selected date in gold on the front cover of the book.   The inside cover page can also be personalized with a special gift message.   They can, of course, mark any special or memorable date — such as an anniversary or graduation date too.  We offer books of the top Baseball teams and Football teams, too.

feb2015-books-communionAnd, for those interested in a religious keepsake, we now offer a personalized Holy Bible which makes a meaningful gift for milestones in a loved one’s life. Commemorate a Christening, First Communion, Confirmation or Wedding with this King James Bible.  We have covers available in white, red or black with a foil imprint to celebrate the special day. On the inside page, we can print a personal message to express your congratulations or share a meaningful quote.

Books are a wonderful way to let someone know they are special.  They are certainly a present that will be enjoyed and saved for a lifetime and can bring great joy to the recipient.

Best wishes,


When to Mail an Invitation

19 Feb

feb2015-invite-1When if the best time to send out an invitation?  Well, that depends a lot on the type of party you are hosting and what time of year the party will take place!

Generally speaking, invitations for important larger events such as weddings, fundraisers or bar/bat mitzvahs should be mailed at least 10 weeks prior to the occasion with an RSVP about 2 weeks before the event.  You will want to give plenty of notice for such an important occasion, especially if you have many out of town guests who will need to plan their travel arrangements if they want to attend. Related invitations for events such as an engagement party, bridal shower and rehearsal dinner can be sent out 4-6 weeks prior to the occasion.


If you are planning a smaller yet equally important occasion such as a first communion, baby shower, graduation party, anniversary party or a holiday party (holiday weekends book up early for people!) consider sending those type of invitations out 6-8 weeks prior to the event, less if it’s a small local group of guests, and more if it’s a bit larger guest list with many guests who are out of town or you feel have many obligations, to allow enough time for planning.


For adult birthday parties, kid’s birthday parties, sweet 16 parties, housewarming parties and backyard bbq’s, you will want to send those sort of invitations out about 3-5 weeks prior which should be sufficient.

Remember, if you are planning any sort of large important event like a wedding on a “busy weekend” such as 4th of July weekend, Labor Day weekend or Thanksgiving weekend – or during the busy holiday season, you might want to consider sending out a Save the Date announcement about 9-12 months prior.  Many people plan family trips and have other commitments during those time periods.  If you want your guests to be able to plan their schedules to attend your event, you will want to send out a notice of the date to give ample time for planning.

In terms of planning your schedule, first know how many weeks prior to the event you will want to send out your invitation.  Then add the time to produce and ship your invitation.  And finally add in the time to address your invitation.  The more formal the invitation the more lead time you will need.

Production for complex invitations with many layers can take many weeks.  At The Stationery Studio, most of our invitations are printed within one week.  Then allow about one week for delivery, depending on what is ordered and where it needs to ship.  Plus, allow time to address the envelopes. The more elegant the party, the fancier you might want the addressing to be.  Many skilled calligraphers offer an elegant option for addressing envelopes. Their styles will all be very different so ask to see samples and don’t be shy about asking for pricing.  Some calligraphers even offer more than one style. For instance, they may offer an elegant wedding style and also a more casual style.

feb2015-invite-5Other options include computer calligraphy and of course simply addressing the envelopes yourself if you have pretty hand writing or by someone you know.  We strongly feel that using stickers to address the envelopes should never be used as it’s very impersonal and destroys the beautiful look of an invitation.  However, given that, the style you finally select really depends on your budget and your preference. Certainly hand calligraphy for a wedding invitation is our preference if possible as it will lend the overall presentation of the invitation to be beautiful and romantic. Depending on the manner in which you address your envelopes, and the size of your guest list, the time for addressing can be anywhere from a few days to 1-2 weeks. Many calligraphers will ask for 2 weeks or more as they are usually working on a number of events at any given time.


Also, if your invitation is for a very special occasion, bring one stuffed envelope to the post office to be weighed and then select a beautiful stamp to use that matches the feel of the occasion.  Once all your envelopes are ready to go, return to the post office to ask them to hand cancel the invitations so they don’t go through the post-office machinery which will provide a nice clean look to your beautiful envelopes.

Selecting the invitation that will create the look and feel of your special event is one of the most important first steps to planning your party.  And ordering early enough to accommodate production, delivery, addressing and mailing in time is equally as important.

Best wishes,