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A Sweet Valentine’s Day Pot Luck Luncheon

14 Feb

Valentine's Day at The Stationery StudioIf you’re planning an office pot luck Valentine’s Day lunch, there are so many fun ways to bring in the heart theme.  When you’re a creative type, you really put some extra love into what you bring so our Valentine’s Day pot luck was so much fun!  It featured homemade heart themed treats from our talented staff along with some heart(y) buffet specialties.  It was so enjoyable to take a bit of time to celebrate this love(ly) holiday.

We thought you might like to see some of our staff specialties!  For appetizers we enjoyed the heart-shaped artichoke dip and Brie En Croute from Wendy. Thanks to Leslie, we could healthfully stuff ourselves with a great veggie platter and a gorgeous green salad from Renee G.   Also, Linda brought 2 beautiful cheese and dried fruit platters that were delicious.

We enjoyed southwest heart-healthy turkey tacos with all the toppings by Renee R., Sweet and Sour meatballs by Shari, homemade bacon baked beans by Sandy H. and we all loved Sandy K’s famous pulled BBQ chicken with fried onions!  For a nice side, Amanda brought a wonderful Asian Slaw Salad.  A big shout out to Diane, who dropped in even on her day off, with some Nachos.  Marc went all out and ordered a pizza. And thanks to Nate we had some fizzy beverages.

Some sweet standouts to end the meal included the beautiful Fruit platter and the Fondue Dip with treats by Joan, the Oreo Cheesecake by Heidi, Coconut Magic Dream Bars by Mindee, and the Homemade Sugar Cookies by Sandy plus a fabulous Banana bread by Shari.

It was a lot of fun and we highly recommend sharing the love in your office for an upcoming event!

Happy Valentine’s Day,


10 Tips on Writing a Love Letter

2 Feb

With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is definitely in the air. Are you doing anything special for your sweetheart this year?  If you think it’s a bit hard to voice the words in person, why not write a letter? A letter is something your special someone will keep and cherish. A tweet or a snap disappears easily but a written note can be forever.  So send that special letter to seal your feelings.  It will be very meaningful.

If you are not sure what to say, we have 10 tips for you.

  1. Be genuine.  Whatever your emotions are, express them from the heart in a genuine way.
  2. So you’re not Shakespeare, big deal.   Well, don’t worry, we all have our skills.  Any message you craft from the heart will be special.
  3. Make yourself a cheat sheet. Plan what you want to write before putting pen to paper to avoid ruining your heartfelt note and having to start over.
  4.  It’s all in the details.  Give a couple details about why you adore this person and perhaps include a special memory.
  5. Make it pretty.  Find the perfect, hopefully personalized stationery or letter sheet or valentine and use your best penmanship with a good quality pen (never typed!). Little details make the difference.


  6. Size doesn’t matter. Your note can be as long or short as needed.  If your personality is more “to the point”, then that’s your style.  If you want to elaborate and capture detailed thoughts and feelings, well, you have your platform.  If you love to wax nostalgic, then so be it, and put the memories on paper.  It’s your canvas so create your own masterpiece.
  7. Look to the future.  End your note with how you look forward to the future and why.
  8. Mailed or Given?  Well, either way is great.  If you want a big surprise in their mailbox (or if you are too shy) then mailing is a great option.  Or, perhaps you want to plan a special date for dinner or drinks or coffee where you can present the card for you both to share together. Or, surprise them with a note on their pillow or breakfast table.
  9. Love letters don’t always have to be romantic. It’s a beautiful idea to  send your children or close friends a special note about why you love them. Let them know why you love them, how proud you are of them, give specific examples and let them know you are there for them.
  10. The letter is enough.  A personal note is a way to give a part of your heart to your special someone.  That’s the best gift you can give. You don’t really need big boxes of chocolates or candies or dozens of roses.  But, if you’re feeling generous, why not!

Happy letter writing,


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Which Napkin Sizes are Best for Holiday Entertaining?

22 Nov

Holiday Napkins at The Stationery StudioIf you are planning on hosting a holiday gathering, cocktail party or dinner, holiday napkins will add a fun and festive touch. But which size should be ordered?  We hear this question time and again so here is a quick review.

For appetizers or cocktails, beverage napkins are the ideal choice and are our most popular size. Beverage napkins measure approximately 5 by 5 inches square and feature precise printing, a magnificent extensive array of designs, both traditional and contemporary styles, and imprints of your choice. Whether your prefer our confetti dot designs, Christmas nutcrackers, holly leaves or jingle bells to elegant sentiments such as Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, we have a large selection you will love.

For Place Settings or guest powder rooms select the guest towel size.  Guest towels are paper and measure approximately 4.5 by 8 inches and come in many colors and styles. You can select the imprint color of your choice and easily pick from a great selection of styles and designs to match your beverage napkins or select a complimentary pattern or design.

For Buffets or Place Settings we recommend the Dinner-sized napkins, which measure a generous 8 by 8 inches approximately and are available in many styles. Dinner napkins come in a range of designs to match or be complimentary to your beverage napkins from fun confetti dot designs to the more traditional holiday wreaths, Christmas tree designs and more.  Many like to put a pile of dinner size napkins on a buffet for their guests to use and enjoy. Some like to fold them in half and place them at a place setting. Or, they are a nice size to roll and place into a napkin ring. Consider how you will use them when you select the napkin you are ordering and where the imprint will appear.

For Christmas morning, a brunch or for heavy appetizers, we recommend Luncheon napkins which measure approximately 6.5 inches square. You can select your favorite seasonal colors plus we’ll add the design of your choice and your imprint in your selected color. Our luncheon napkins include standard, fun and festive designs.

Napkin Gift SetsFor Hostess Gifts, we are always excited to give a set of beverage napkins.  Also, a nice set of personalized guest towels also make a thoughtful hostess gift.  If you are planning on attending a party, dinner or special event, order a set in advance and send to the hostess to use or bring with you so they can be enjoyed at a future celebration.  We also offer boxed napkin hostess sets which are a fun present.

We offer many printed napkin materials in addition to quality 3-ply napkins we refer to as Luxury Napkins.  Our luxury styles include a thick and elegant Deville, shimmery Masslinn, elegant embossed Carte in white, ivory, gold, silver and copper, thick and wonderful Linen-like and Caspari designs which feature wonderful patterns and colors and classic styles. Our pricing, production time and dedication to perfection with our napkins is impressive and you will love the finished product.

Happy holidays,