Make Campers Happy with Personalized Gifts

9 May

Getting ready and packed for overnight camp can be a challenge for parents trying to help campers feel at home while away at overnight camp.  Personalized camp gifts not only make campers feel special, but help their camp goods from getting lost in the cabin shuffle.

Encourage campers to write home the old-fashioned way.  Since most camps ban e-mail and text correspondence, your campers will be thankful to have his or her own personalized stationery sets.  Fun note cards encourage campers to put pen to paper this summer.  These fun, unique camp designs in flatcards or foldovers will be the envy of kids’ bunkmates. Clipboards are perfect to lean on when writing and keep notes from home together.  Parents should pre-address the envelopes and use pre-printed return address labels or custom stampers.

Label everything with easy solutions.   Whether parents choose to sew or iron on names, makes it easy and takes the headache out of labeling for camp. These 100% soft cotton iron-on labels are great for the identification of campers’ clothing.  Whatever option parents choose for labeling is made easier if they plan ahead and get prepared with this variety of options.

Buy personalized towels and wraps.  Fashion meets function when kids head to the lake or showers with our personalized wraps and unique monogrammed towels.  Theirs won’t end up in the lost and found.

Make sure kids have what they need for organization and identification. Personalized laundry bags and custom cosmetic cases are a great way to ensure that what is sent to camp comes back home clean (or at least these bags keep the dirty laundry contained)!  Don’t forget luggage tags so the bags get to and from where they need to go.

Add some extra special fun items  to help ease homesickness.  A personalized pillowcase will help campers into a peaceful slumber after a long day.  Diaries and writing journals are also a special item that will help campers write about their feelings of independence during rest hour and make special keepsakes, which will last a lifetime.

Make sure that your campers can keep in touch with their camp friends after summer. “Stay in Touch” personalized calling cards are a quick way to remind new friends that they can correspond all year long until they meet again.

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