Post-Its® – A Great Gift Idea

13 Sep

Of all the most practical gifts in the world that double as a favorite, it’s a set of personalized post-its, hands down. Why would anyone want to live without their own post-its. It’s simply Adored. Unexpected. Useful. Practical. The “I never would buy it for myself gift and I LOVE it” gift I’ve ever given. And it lasts. How fast can you use up 1250 post-its?  And believe me, every time they go to use it.. they will think of you. For all that love and admiration, personalized post-its are very affordable too!

Keep your eyes on the lookout for full color personalize post-its which should be available shortly! There will be some amazing exclusive styles you can grab up before anyone else does!

Post-Its® Make a Great Gift Idea

Jacob Post-it® Pack Redman Post-it® Pack Upright 4x3 Post-it® Notes View All Post-Its®

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